Founded in 2015, in Freeport, Grand Bahama we built our brand with nature as it's base backed by science. We are commited to you and your skin's health and consequently we made the decision to exclude bleaching agents, parabens, formaldahyde, artificial colors and with the exception of honey no animal byproducts are included in our formulations. Our focus is on capturing the essence of natural plant extracts merged with science to create effective products that will leave your skin feeling intensely nourished, hydrated and clean.

By introducing more plant based products we want to give everyone healthier

alternative options to add their daily skin care regimen.

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Our Commitment to You


Minitia Henderson


Hi, I am Minitia Laverne Henderson and I'm the founder here at LustaRush Naturals.

For me it all started with a love and passion to utilize the vast nutrients found in plant cells to improve how my skin looked and felt.  Like so many as a teen I suffered constant acne and breakouts. Though I used topical creams to treat them, new flareups occurred worse than before, sadly this continued into adulthood. Needless to say I'd had enough and began researching more plant based alternatives.  

As the years passed I developed a love and passion to learn more about plants and their benefits to the skin and body. Recognizing that what we put on our skin is just as important as what we put in our bodies.

My aim is to encourage others to adapt a more natural approach to their daily skin care routine.