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Perfect for oily and acne prone skin. This clay mask features the power house ingredient, matcha green tea, which fights off acne and rejuvenates the skin. Matched with the skin toning and soothing benefits of tumeric a smooth, glowing complexion is within reach.


Ingredients we love:

*Matcha Green Tea - antioxidant power house that fight acne causing bacteria -- skin rejuvenating and skin soothing properties

*Moringa Leaf Extract - controls skin breakouts and irritations, revitalize skin, vitamin A , C and E

*Tumeric - skin soothing -- antioxidant properties fight damaging free radicals and evens skin tone

*Pomegranate - UV skin protectant -- skin soothing properties

Normalizing Green Tea Mask

SKU: LR-GTM2020-11
  • Bentonite Clay, Matcha Green Tea, Kaolin Clay, Moringa Leaf Extract, Tumeric,Pomegranate, Acacia Senegal, Lavender Flower Extract, Tea Tree Oil