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A variety of intensely nourishing, customizable Cream Gel options are available.

*POPULAR ITEM* - Mega Mushroom Hydrating Cream Gel. Six potent mushrooms offer the perfect hydration booster, providing ultimate relief to soothe and calm your skin. Loaded with a blend of reishi, shiitake, tremella, turkey tail, maitake, and chaga mushrooms, this cream works to restore, replenish, and repair the skin. A burst of antioxidants brings brightness, nourishment, and a touch of anti-aging magic to your skincare routine..


Be sure to complete our Skin Quiz BEFORE ordering: Take the quiz


ALL Cream Gels are: PH balanced (4~6) - Alcohol free (Isopropyl) - No Artificial fragrances - No Bleaching Agents & Paraben Free. Your completed Skin Quiz enables us to formulate specific skin penetrating ingredients to deliver key nutrients deep into the skin to repair, replenish and restore your skin. The choice to ware alone or underneath your daily moisturizer is optional.

Custom Blend Cream Gel

SKU: LR-CGCB2022-12
    • Turn around time: 1 week from the date order is placed.
    • Once your order is ready we will send you an email listing the key plant extracts included in your Custom Blend.


    At LustaRush Naturals we make no claim to cure or prevent any disease or medical problem and is not intended to substitute other medical advice. All products are for external use only. The information we provide has been compiled from published sources and is given only as a guide and we make every effort to ensure the details are relevent and current.

    In the unlikely event of an adverse reaction to our products LustaRush Naturals will not be held liable.